About Us

Our mission is to introduce and bring more people into board games.

We want to make board games simple, fun and accessible to everyone. We are a start up board games eCommerce store in Melbourne

At Gamesnetic, our core values are customer-centric, respect people's opinions, and problem-solving.

The idea: 

The idea of starting a board game shop came from when we tried to get more people into board games or explain new games to our friends at work and Uni.  

Our friends love to try new stuff and have fun but they think board games are complicated, have too many options, and can be expensive in searching for the right board games to play. 

We think this is a valid point and also they are probably not the only people who feel that way towards board games. 

In addition, we have not found many options & stores that are beginner-friendly in Australia. The customer will need to spend time watching videos or researching the games that they want to buy. 

Hence, we started Gamesnetic. We want to help and put together fun & simple games for everyone to try and take to any party without breaking their bank accounts to spice up the event.