What if I order more than 5 pieces for the same items? 

We consider 5 pieces or more for the same item in a larger order. Please send us an email at gamesneticaus@gmail.com. We will get back to you within 24-48 business hours for pricing and shipping.

Is click and collect available?

Currently, Gamesnetic does not have a physical store (brick and mortar). However, we can organize pick up at a suitable time. Please email or call us for more info.

Pick up location: Highpoint Shopping Centre Car Park (near Target)

Do you ship internationally?

Yes, we can organise overseas shipping for you via Sendle. However, it is subject to Sendle coverage and availability. We are also happy to explore other overseas shipping options if required.

Do you offer a bundle discount

We do offer a bundle discount from time to time when you buy multiple items. However, please feel free to reach out to us if you are placing a large order (more than 5 items) and want to enquire about a bundle discount. We will try and offer the best price possible.

The item I want to purchase is not currently available.

Backorder: You can place a special order. We will lock in the price or any promo at the time for you. We will ship it to you when available. Full payment is required for special orders. We will offer a refund if we can’t restock it promptly. (Up to 40 business days)

Can’t find the item you want: Complete our contact form below. We will try and stock it in the future and contact you when it is available.

What can I use my VIP Games Points for? 

Currently, you can redeem it for store credit. However, we are looking to expand our reward program in the future. We want to offer the best reward program possible to our customers.

When will my VIP Games Points Expired? 

Currently, there is no expiry date. However, we will update all our customers if there are any changes to it.

How does the member’s forum work? 

We want to build a strong community around board games and bring more people together. You can discuss anything about board games or board games gifting ideas.


However, please be respectful to each other. Gamesnetic has the right to suspend your account if we find your behavior and attitude are not appropriate.  

Can't find the answer to your questions? Please complete the contact form below with a brief description of your query. We are endeavour to get back to you with 24-48 hours. 



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