3 Most Anticipated Board Game in 2022

There are many great board games that will be published in 2022 such as Merchant of the Dark Road, Familiar Tales and more.

However, the 3 games that we are most excited about are Batman Everybody Lies, The Spill and Horseless Carriage

1) Batman Everybody Lies:

Following the success of The Batman movie, DC decided to publish Batman Everybody Lies for the fans.

In Batman Everybody Lies, players will be become the investigators of and experience the crime world of Gotham City. Players will get to cross paths with popular characters such as Batman, Mr. Freeze, Poison Ivy and more.

The game is expected to be launched in June 2022 and is now available for pre-order: https://www.gamesnetic.com.au/product-page/batman-everybody-lies-board-game

Are you ready to submerged your self in the world of Batman and Gotham City to solve all the crimes and mysteries with friends?

2) The Spill:

The Spill has some similarities to the popular board game Pandemic. The offshore rig has blown out and the rupture is spilling crude oil into the ocean at an alarming rate. You and your teammates must work together using your talents to contain the oil from the rig, remove the crude oil from the ocean and rescue the marine animals

The Spill has unique gameplay. The best way to describe it is the game is a reverse tower defense game, as players sail the perimeter trying to push back and contain the oil, remove dice from the water and save the sea life.

It is anticipated to be published in May 2022 and will be available to pre-order soon at Gamesnetic.

Horseless Carriage:

The game is published by Splotter Spellen; they are famous for publishing great business and economic board game.

In Horseless Carriage, players will become an owner of an automobiles company in 1950-1960. Car (or known as Horseless Carriage) back then is a new technology and people have much scepticism about its safety, price, and how it functions. As a great businessman, you will need to overcome adversities and convince the public that the car will forever change the way we live. Players will need to sell the most car and grow their business quickly to win the game.

Ready to turn on your business brain and compete with your friends to see who is a better businessman? Horseless Carriage will be available to pre-order at Gamesnetic later in the year.

These are the 3 games that Gamesnetic is most excited about in 2022 due to their amazing storyline and unique gameplay. Please let us know what other games you are most excited about in 2022 by commenting in through our contact form.

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