Interact, Earn, and be Rewarded with Gamesnetic

At Gamesnetic, we love to interact with everyone and especially all our value customers. We appreciate all your supports and would like to reward our customers for their supports.

You can create an account and become a member of Gamesnetic to start earning VIP Games Points that you can redeem for store credit & discounts for future purchases.

Here are some of the ways that you can interact, earn and save more with us:

1) Social Media:

Facebook: @Gamesneticaus

Instagram: @gamesneticausofficial

Gamesnetic is now on Facebook and Instagram. We love to interact with our customers and keep everyone up to date about our new games and other information. From time to time, we do giveaways to celebrate our milestones together with our customers. We want to create a community where everyone has access to and talks about fun and easy-to-learn party games.

  • Like us on Facebook – 30 VIP Games Points

  • Follow us on Instagram – 35 VIP Games Points

  • Share our page on Facebook – 50 VIP Games Points

2) Birthday:

Birthday is a special day for everyone. We wish you have a great one and want to help you celebrate it. You will receive 60 VIP Games Points for being a value Gamesnetic member on your birthday.

3) Purchases:

You earn 1 VIP Games Point for every $ you spend with us. It is that simple.


From time to time, we may revamp or update our reward program. Please reach out to us via email and social media if you do have any concerns or suggestions. We love to hear from you and always want to do better for our customers.

  • Redeem 180 Points for $5 discount on your order

  • Redeem 300 Points for $15 discount on your order

  • Redeem 650 for an extra 10% discount on your order (can be used together with other promotions and discounts)

Once again, thank you for all your supports, and become a member of Gamesnetic now to start earning and being rewarded by us.

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