The best and simplest tips & principles for beginners

Hi everyone my name is Steven (also the founder of Gamesnetic). As mentioned in our mission statement, we want to introduce & get more people into board games and card games.

Today, we would like to introduce and help people to learn chess. It is one of the most classic and well-known board games in the world. It is incredibly fun and very challenging.

We know that learning chess can be daunting for some people. However, we are here to help. We will be discussing how each pieces move and 4 simple principles in chess. The guide is designed to help people that never played chess before to learn a few basic concepts and enjoy the game.

Myself, I have been playing chess since 12 years old and competed in school tournaments. However, never competed for ratings. I am about 1600-1700 rapid chess ratings in online chess. I love the game but stopped playing online 2 years ago due to a busy work schedule.

Chess Pieces and their movements:


A pawn can only move forward 1 or 2 squares and capture a piece diagonally to it.

It can be promoted to a queen or any other piece when it reaches the other end of the board.


This is a special case where it only happens immediately after a pawn makes a move of 2 squares from its starting position.


A knight can capture and move in an L shape forward, backward.


A bishop can capture and move diagonally forward and backward.


A rook can capture and move vertically and horizontal forward & backward


A Queen = rook + bishop


The king is the most important piece in the game because if you get checkmated you lose. You can move 1 square vertically, horizontally, diagonally forward, and backward with the king.


It is a special rule and great in protecting your king and activate your rook. The king will move 2 squares to the left or right, while the rook on that side moves to the opposite side of the king


There are many different principles in chess. However, the 4 listed below are some of the most important ones you should follow when first learning chess.

Developing pieces:

Developing pieces is like preparing for an exam. Imagine, you have studied hard to try and get a 100 on your exam, but you forgot to bring your pens, rulers, or highlighters and you only have a pencil to do the exam.

Not fun right?

Well, developing pieces is a similar concept. You need to bring your pieces to the battle to

help you win. how can you win If you don't mobilise your forces.

The position below shows that white pieces are all developed and ready to jump into the battle. The king has also castled to safety. Black is behind in development and may struggle in this position.

Control the centre:

Controlling the centre is like driving your car in the middle lane on a 3 lanes road. Driving in the middle lane gives you easy access to both the left and right lanes.

Similarly in chess, controlling the centre of the board allows your pieces to have easy access to the side of the board. In addition, you are controlling the most important area and where all the action is happening.

The position below shows that white pawns are controlling 6 squares in the middle and makes it hard for black to develop. In addition, white can easily develop the pieces and dislodge the black knight on F6.

Avoiding moving the same piece repeatedly in the opening

This goes hand in hand with developing pieces. Imagine you are in the exam room again, you brought only 1 pen and it ran out of ink. You basically can't continue doing the exam.

Moving the same piece repeatedly allows your opponent to gain tempo, attack you and develop their pieces. You can easily lose the game in the early stage if you are not careful.

Next time when you are playing chess and unsure if you or your friend have made this mistake. Just ask yourself which side has more moves and is easier to play with. You would probably prefer to play with the side that is easier to make the next move and have pieces developed.

Optimise your pieces

There is an old saying in chess - help your pieces and they will help you. It is similar to you going to work and try to do your best to be better. Your company will help you and give you the tools to be the best, so they can better serve their customers and grow the business. On the other hand, you also want to be in the best position to be promoted.

The position below shows that white bishops are targeting the black king. The Knight on F3 is ready to jump in the attack. A queen and bishop battery is targeting the king as well. White is in a great position to attack in this position.

These are the tips and principles that I would like to share with you all today. Hopefully, this has given you a bit more insight on how to start playing and enjoying chess. Please consider becoming a member and share your thoughts in our forum. We would love to hear what you think about this and what other games you want to learn next.