What Board Games That Are Gaining Popularity This Week (21/11/21)

According to Google Trends, drinking party board games are getting some attention this week. Increased by 90% in popularity in the past 7 days and ranked 3rd currently for board games topic.

The surge of drinking party board games is most likely due to the re-opening in most states. Families and friends are getting back together and looking for fun & simple party board games to spice up the party.

We will be recommending 3 drinking party board games below that you can try for yourself.

Cards against humanity: (4-20+ players)

An all-time favourite, it is incredibly fun and easy to play. The game can stimulate a lot of conversation and laugh by answering and filling in the gaps with funny & bizarre answers

How to play:

  1. Deal 10 white cards to each player at the start of the game

  2. Choose a player to become the CardCzar.

  3. The CardCzar will pick a black card and read out either a question or a sentence with gaps that you can fill in with funny and bizarre answers

  4. Players will pick their answer and pass the white card to the CardCzar

  5. The CardCzar will shuffle, read out the answers and pick their favourite answer

  6. The player who submitted the card with the favourite answer will be rewarded a point

  7. The player to the right of the current CardCzar will become the next CardCzar

  8. The process repeats until you run out of cards or decide to call it quit

Sotally Tober: (Players: 4-10):

The game is similar to Uno but for drinking parties. You will like this game if you love to compete and screw your friends in a party game.

To win, you need to make sure you take the least number of drinks.

Compete with your friends by drawing a card in turn from the deck. There are 5 types of cards.

  • Skill (Green) cards give you special abilities.

  • Curse (Blue) cards make you suffer.

  • Secret (Yellow) cards are hidden tricks you can perform. Decree

  • (Red) cards place effects on everyone.

  • Activity (Orange) cards are actions you must perform.

It is also available on our site if you are looking for a copy of it.

Drunk Jenga: (2 or more players)

Who doesn’t love Jenga? It is a classic game that is fun and easy to play. More importantly, Jenga can be played with as few as 2 players. Therefore, it is a great option for any party and occasion.

Mini Jenga is now also available - It is a lot easier to take around and convenient for players.

It is also available on our site if you are looking for a copy of it.

These are some of our recommendations. Let us know what you think and comment or DM us your favourite party drinking board games. We would love to hear from you.

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